Give Yourself Full Rein

This is sacred work. 

Something magical happens in the Round Pen between people and horses that transcends words. In this place beyond words, you discover how you relate to and interact with others. 

Your eyes and heart will be opened to a profound understanding of your innate strengths, the art of honest feedback, and the exploration of new communication patterns. 

Just by standing, with two feet on the ground, in the Round Pen with a horse.

The Gift of Horses

Horses are both herd and prey animals, and as such, horses have the unique ability to reflect our individual patterns of doing, being, and expressing ourselves. 

Horses do not lie.  They show us the TRUTH about how we connect, lead, communicate, and show up energetically in our work, play and daily lives. 

Horses, like people, want to know they are safe, and they want a leader.  If you are confused in any aspect of leading your life, the horse will magically reignite the leader within you and invite you to stand in your clarity. 

Horses help you remember who you are at your core and how to summon the courage to ask for ALL you want, in your personal life and your work relationships. 

Photo by Lizzie LaRock

Photo by Lizzie LaRock

How it Works (aka the FUN part)

Imagine yourself walking into a Round Pen excited, even a little nervous about what you are getting ready to learn.

But no need to worry.

You will not be alone.  You will have your trusted guides at your side ~ the horses and your coaches!

We will invite you to notice your surroundings, to center and ground yourself. 

Then, we will ask you what you want to create, work on or experience more of in your life.  All you have to do is stay in conversation with us as we lead you through some simple exercises with the horse designed to help you explore this frontier within yourself.

That's it.

And you, in the beautiful witnessing presence of that big hearted horse and your coaches, magically will discover a new way of being that was always there but you couldn't see before this experience.

It is an amazingly efficient way to get to the heart of the matter and lighten a load that you have been carrying, or actually reveal that there was never a load to carry at all, or to see a clear way forward in a manner you couldn't see before.

And the experience imprints itself upon your soul and psyche.

Thereby being a continuously accessible gift for the rest of your life, a touchstone.

This is why this work is sacred. 

Because you are forever more, more of you.

Say YES!

Join us for this magical, experiential learning process.

No prior horse experience required.  Really!

Accept our invitation to open your eyes and heart to a profound understanding of your innate strengths, the art of honest feedback, and the exploration of new communication patterns. 

Take back your AHA's to your personal and work lives.

And change your little corner of the world.

Photo by Lizzie LaRock

Photo by Lizzie LaRock

Private Sessions or Within Our Next Retreat Available

Equine Assisted Learning sessions are included on our next Remembering Your Sacred Nature Retreat October 24-27, 2018

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