I'm Martha.

Martha with her dog Hala, named for the Nantahala River where she loves to paddle in Western North Carolina.

Martha with her dog Hala, named for the Nantahala River where she loves to paddle in Western North Carolina.

Infinitely curious and passionate about learning. 

I love adventure, travel, golf, yoga, qigong, dancing, singing, hiking, horticulture and botany, swimming in mountain lakes and paddling rivers.  I love cooking and eating good, clean vibrant food. Meditation is a long time daily practice for me.

I believe in infinite possibilities. I am a deeply spiritual person and have spent my life trying to understand our spiritual and human natures and how to live in a harmonious, joyful, peaceful state of being, with deep connection with others. 

I a Southern girl with deep roots in Georgia, and South Carolina, and a love for western North Carolina. My hunger to experience a bigger world. In college I spent time living in France and after, Austria. And one day I drove west from the South to the Central Coast of California. My goal: to paddle the western rivers.

I have now been in CA for almost forty years. I have worked in many different industries, trying to find my calling.  From real estate to hotel sales, I went back to graduate school in business to broaden my education and discover new ideas to light my fire.

I moved to Laguna Beach in 1989 and met my husband, raised two amazing girls, became a Master Gardener, found incredible dance, spiritual and yoga teachers. I danced, acted, sang and played with the community chorus and theaters. I volunteered wherever I was needed from my girls' schools, dance, theater, to our church and the Master Gardener program.  I founded a non-profit ACTION, helping people with HIV/AIDs find support and unconditional love from a team that became their friends and family. My list of doing was long.  My being, however, felt drained and dragged from an overwhelming numbers of projects. 

While I was busy, busy, busy, I also felt dependent. That feeling began to undermine my self-confidence.  I didn’t feel I was smart enough or worthy enough to do more. I lost my own compass.  When a therapist asked me what I wanted in life, I realized I had no idea.  


I had been so busy doing and being what I thought others needed me to be that I lost my sense of Self: who I was, what I wanted, what brought me joy. I felt unworthy of happiness and ashamed that, in spite of all my many blessings, I was not happy.

I did not know how to say “no.”  The “shoulds” owned me.  My lists never got shorter no matter how many things I checked off my list in a day. I lacked boundaries. I strove for perfection, so was never satisfied. I needed to feed my soul. I felt I was drowning.

Through my work with AIDS CareTeams, I found that healing work simply began with our presence in people's lives.  I realized I was born to help people through difficult times, even facing their own mortality.

I learned how love changes everything.  I saw the importance of forgiveness.  I saw a lot of death and spent a lot of time with people dying in shame, guilt and a lack of self worth.  I learned the difficulty of BEING WITH instead of always doing.  This led me deeper into spiritual work. 

My brother and his wife had a serious car accident about this time.  I felt a strong need to be with them as my brother healed his broken spine from C2-T7.  Here, his wife Tara and I started exploring energy work.  I began meditating, doing yoga and seeing the importance of surrender. I started studying A Course in Miracles and other spiritual, metaphysical works.

In 2009, their son, my 7 year old nephew Brennan was diagnosed with a rare and virulent form of leukemia.  He was given less than a 1% chance of living.  After 4 bone marrow transplants within a harrowing 18 months, he is now a healthy 17 year-old, thanks to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and his own strong spirit.

During the time of his transplants, I went regularly to Memphis to be with my brother and his family as they struggled to keep faith and hope strong in a terrifying time.  I knew that I needed to be present as much as I could for Brennan and his brothers. In Memphis 2 weeks out of every month for 2 years, the natural rhythm my brother, his wife and I had earlier developed because our new normal.

 I realized the power of love, positive thinking, faith and surrender. I also witnessed the power of the Collective and how the power of our love, compassion and intention can affect others when they are open to receive.

I realized life is too short to keep doing the things other people think we should be doing—or that we think they think we should.

I started to see that I was not allowing myself to think I could ever do or be enough.  I realized my lack of self worth created a black hole of dissatisfaction and frustration. Surely there had to be another way.

At this time I was led to life coaching.  Brennan's mom was working with a life coach and I was deepening my spiritual life studying A Course in Miracles and Reiki.  We shared our work, thoughts and faith.  She led me to the work of Meadow Devor and Brooke Castillo, who then led me to Martha Beck. 

The work of life coaching encompasses all of the things I have learned spiritually, energetically, emotionally, psychologically and philosophically my whole life. My studies, interests, teachers and experiences all come together in this work to help me …. and then to help others. I love sharing that. 

From my strong intuitive abilities, my spiritual life which is enhanced by dance, yoga and my physical body awareness, my deep love and connection to nature, to the intellectual study of psychology, philosophy and neuroscience, the systems, methods and team work I experienced in grad school and coach work, along with meditation, the power of prayer and my belief in our own Oneness with the Divine all come together in life coaching. Even my life long passion for horticulture, botany and nutrition apply to my work.

I am a life coach practice who honors, and works with the rhythms of the body and the seasons, using my strong intuition and coaching skills and tools to lead you to a life of joy and peaceful harmony. 

I enjoy teaching as a yoga, chi gong, and meditation at The Pearl Laguna when I am in Laguna.

My sister in law Tara and I host seasonal retreats throughout the country called Remembering Your Sacred Nature, carefully designed to bring you out of chaos and back to your Self.

My degrees and certifications include:

  • BA in psychology from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

  • MBA from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Martha Beck Life Coach

  • Ringleader Equine Assisted Learning Coach

  • Yoga Teacher - CYT 200 hour

  • Geo’s Power Yoga Teacher- CYT 500 hour

  • Reiki Master

  • Karuna® Reiki Master

  • Cranial Sacral I

  • Chi Gong Shibashi I

  • Divine Peace Healer

  • Master Gardener - Orange County, CA

  • Meadow Devor Money Coach

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