Martha near her home in Laguna Beach, CA.

Martha near her home in Laguna Beach, CA.

My work focuses on helping you remember who you are at your core.  All you need, you have inside you right now, in this instant, even though you may not believe it. 

Together, we will tap into unleashing your True Self and realize your potential. I am here to guide you through the scary places where we hide from the wise knowing Self within.

I help people like you in times of uncertainty and change find your direction so that you can walk confidently and courageously forward. I lead you to find peace in your life, making clear choices so that you can live without anxiety and fear, fully seeing and claiming your worth, creating the life you want to live.

I hold a space where you can safely ask yourself the hard questions and allow the answers to come.  I teach methods on how to hear those answers and how to let go of the thoughts, beliefs and patterns that keep you from living a full and happy life.

I teach you to coach yourself and trust your own inner compass.  When our small, ego minded self steps aside, we can hear God's voice within us.  We can live a deep, more purposeful life and help others do the same. 

That’s how we can change the world. By changing our own, through miraculous shifts in our perspective.

These things I know in my heart of hearts:

  • We are all perfect, whole and complete.

  • We are all free --- held in prison only by our own thoughts and beliefs and how we show up in the world.

  • We are all meant to fly and to remember our Sacred Nature ~ our Oneness with the Divine within us.

  • Deep down inside we know who we are, what we are and how we are to serve in this world.

  • We all need a safe and assuring place to remember that we are worthy of seeing infinite dreams and possibilities come true. That’s why we are here. Let’s get on with it!